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Hi. I’m Stan Mallow, The Paranormal Yakker.

Welcome to my website.
Who am I?
I have had a life long interest in everything and anything that is related to the fascinating world of the paranormal.
What else?
I’ve organized countless paranormal events, own one of the world’s largest collections of rare and unusual paranormal artifacts; including Kinohi and Lono, the Miraculous Hawaiian Healing Crystal Skulls.
Where you may have seen me.
I’ve been interviewed by various media, conducted numerous paranormal investigations, featured in many radio, TV, newspaper, web, and movie documentaries on the paranormal.
What do I want to accomplish?
It is my intent to use this website as a platform to inform, educate and explore every aspect of the paranormal; from ghosts to UFOs, and everything in between. This will be done by way of articles, interviews, Youtube videos, and organizing special events, workshops, conferences, and expos.
Fasten your seat belt!
No passport necessary. The Paranormal Yakker will take you to places and people, far and wide; all of whom have a common denominator. And, that’s the all encompassing universe of the paranormal.

Coming Soon!

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